Visitor Guide

Welcome Visitors & VIP worldwide!

For VIP visitors, art public, collectors we offer different services, so your experience of VISIONARY ART SHOW will be complete:

– All information of the exhibitors and their works at the Visionary Art Show 2017

– Direct access to all works available at the event with VIP CARD (with preview events to visit it by appointment hours and even out exposure hours).
– Direct access to all special events  during exposure hours.

VISIONARY ART SHOW website wants to provide a current, practical, useful space and, above all, an ideal environment in which to give the best service to our users and customers. This version includes many new features in design and navigation, interactive contents and technology, to meet the increasingly demanding needs and expectations of our users and customers. A notable renewal in relation to the user experience and a new programming to achieve a better performance of the web for the growing number of users accessing our website from different devices (Desktop,Tablet, Mobile).

VISIONARY ART SHOW offers a fantastic experience with our VIRTUAL TOUR.  Thanks to 3D Virtual Gallery we can show the viewer with great detail, the best lights and the best colors, all exhibit area, get close to the works, to see its size and layout. To watch 3D Gallery make download  open source program UNITY WEB PLAYER. Pictures of artworks posted in the gallery are complete of:Name Artist/ Country/State;Caption List; Price of sale 22% vat included
Buttons: magnification, e-mail, information
Keys available: mouse, keyboard.
Social Network: Facebook

In addition to the paper version – bilingual IT/ENG – we’ll make a pdf catalog version, complete with texts and images of the works on display. The pdf can be downloaded from our website for free.

A section of our web site will be dedicated to the press with paper and online articles by  domestic and international newspapers and magazines.

Program of Exhibitors & Special Projects on paper and pdf. Ask to  get our newsletter iscription.

No tickect is request to visit. Free entrance.