Project Management: Organising  Small and Large-scale Projects and Events

If you want to venture into organization of smaller or large-scale projects and events, we will give you the practical tools to skillfully coordinate them. Feel confident to step it up and get your big idea off the ground.

Whether your idea is a FILM AND VIDEO ART FESTIVAL, or thematic week, or PERFORMANCE   or COREOGRAPHIES DANCES  or a BRAND IDENTITY FORMAT , or INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM , the number of abilities needed to effectively realise the initial idea is often at first unknown or under-evaluated. Having a wide overview of the different steps that will appear from the very beginning is essential to make your unique project successful.

PPLG will address the main elements of small and large-scale project management: from the concept formulation to the evaluation of its viability, from the research of fundings and partners to dealing with an expanding team and tights schedules, from acknowledging existing communication and management tools to finally making it happen! PPLG will dive through a variety of examples and presents several internet-based tools that will help you organize your time, your team and your resources.

Primo Piano since its foundation is committed to conduct research of national and international artistic talent, with a full program of interdisciplinary events such as  visual arts, seminars, performances, workshops etc, hosting artists, filmmakers and cultural people in Italy and abroad.

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