We are ready to follow all aspects necessary for the realization of your event

  • Art and Technological Experimentation (video installations, video carpet, moving painting, robotic installations
  • Art Suites & Hotels ( Eco design, interior design, ready made, mixed media artworks,  wall paper).
  • Digital Art Museum 3D ( group and solo exhibition of visual artists on real time on 3D)
  • Green & Enviromental Art ( wooden sculptures, marine debris, land art)
  • Large scale projects (Public Art & Installation site specific, urban installations, architectures facades, Fluctuating worlds )
  • Multimedia design (graphic layout for invitations, brochures, posters, flyer, catalogs, packaging gadget, from the creation of logues to the realization of websites, from digital art to art communication campaigns on social networks and much more).
  • Projections ( Video Art Projections, Visionary Films)
  • Street Arts & Forniture ( Three-dimensional paintings, trompe l’œil, graffiti)
  • Urban Screen (Laser vision and fibre optic installations, Light Graffiiti, Light Box, Digital video fresco, Video Mapping on 2D and 3D, Light games)
  • Wunderkammer (Inusual and Visionary objects and décor for interior design)