Performing Arts


Our origins date back to 1994, when students begin to look around and understand what were our interests. We traveled and attended art schools and University abroad.. We went to the galleries, the museums, the  art fairs and  we have acquired a library of art books. We were captivated by so many visionaries and dreamers  and with them we started to realize their and our dream. Make Visionary Art Show and exhibitions. So, although we would like to joke, we scored a lot of events of visual art, sound, experimental theater, seminars, live performance etc .

How many? Over 600 in Italy and others in some areas of the world including the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia.

Our events were reviewed by a lot of people and press on  national and international audience. Can you believe this? Be calm…It is hard to believe for us too!

We imagined the world and every day we dressed differently. Trying to bring out especially young dreamers. Many of them are the stars in the contemporary art skyline. Others were the stars already but they have participated in our events, having fun with our unusual stories.

You can see other events here and here . Press Kit here