For private events and corporates:

I need to promote my place with artistic events … what is your organization? We take care of everything: project design, selection of artists and works, setting up and dismantling, media press, round shipping and customs practices.

I would like an event with special effects, performances and musicians but I’m not sure which artist I want to exhibit, can anyone help me? On our website are just some of the artists we working with. Tell us about your place and the type of product you want to promote, further details about the type of entertainment you want, the available budget, place and time of the event, approximate number of participants. We will find the right solution for your requirements. We will make for you a quote with no obligation to book. Are you giving us directions to create your show.

What guarantees do I booking with you? When you booking with us, we send you a contract us who is bound to perform at your event, timetables and conditions you have agreed. This contract ensures all parties.

What do I need to provide to the artist and what should I do to ensure the optimal performance of the show? If you ask for a performance, we need a dressing room. The presence of a place comfortably to prepare and file their own things and equipment is appreciated by the artist. You must also make sure that the place where the exhibition will run there are all necessary conditions have been carried out all the necessary checks / procedures to ensure the safety of the participants and the optimal event execution.

What’s different about your organization than other agencies that I can find online? First of all we are not an normal agency, and this distinguishes us. We are of the associated professionals curators, experts in co-working in accordance with the events to be realized. Moreover, our strength is the quality, which allows us to offer the best solutions and performances to totally competitive prices. We work with artists in all phases of the organization and offer lower rates because the agreement is directed. The attention to detail and the satisfaction of our customers are our strong point. We are a very professional, ethics and organized management events.

How do you select the artists and ensured the quality of their performance? With many of our artists  we have started a twenty-year collaboration. The youngest are carefully selected based on their CV and artistic repertoires. In many cases personally we witness live performances to evaluate the artist’s entertainment capabilities. Whether they are granted all the necessary qualities to become our collaborator and insert the artist in our database and we keep monitored the subsequent feedback to his performances.

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