Exhibit Area

Granafei – Nervegna Palace has a floor area of over 2000mq for exhibit in the following areas:


SHOWROOM are large areas that can accommodate artists with few works and with a maximum of 5 linear meters.




LIGHT ALCHEMIST is a very large room and it has a floor dating back to the early ‘900.  The room measures 110 square meters and can accommodate large scale works on the walls, video mapping or both floor light  installations .


WUNDERKAMMER – We have the availability of n. 6 medium and large rooms that can accommodate individual or collective artists.  They are:  SOUL OF THE WORLD (42 square meters),  REBIRTH (30 square meters), MYTH (32 square meters), MEMORY (24 square meters), MADNESS (24 square meters), VISION (48 square meters).



All the exhibit area and rooms are all clean and equipped with light and directional spotlights.

3D PROJECT ROOM  is a multimedia catalog section with works that are not physically present in the exhibition, but images only. The catalog will be screened during exhibition everyday and available to visitors.




All the participating artists compete for the BEST VISIONARY ARTIST Award
info: primopianoexhibition01@gmail.com