Concept – Theme


Ordinarily we perceive the world through the senses that show us a precise image of existence based on the concreteness of matter. If we then go beyond the perceptive limit of matter, we can meet the immaterial dimension of our daily experience that transcends the ordinary daily and which contains the mystical and shamanic value of vision, with its logic phenomenal. An immaterial dimension theorized by modern quantum physics, but well known by the ancient shamanism that identified it in the concept of Shan, the real and immaterial nature of everything. The possibility of going beyond the limit of the senses is to access the perception of other aspects of reality.

This is why VISIONARY ART SHOW is born, which must be seen as the experience of vision, accessible to anyone who wants to experience it. Why shamanic? In the symbolism of vision, the artist is urged by the transcendent, by the way of going beyond the appearances of the visible to enter into experiential harmony with the invisible and real plane of existence. All of us we are Shamans (artists, curators, performers, etc) because the world of vision belongs to us since birth, because we are able to go beyond the subjectivity of the material representation of existence to perceive and experience the essence of other dimensions that only art can give.

Making art, is the ability to live an inner experience that allows you to establish a conscious interaction with unknown dimensions, but above all allows you to represent an experiential property of personal identity, awareness and knowledge.  Visionary Art Show is not just an exhibition event, but it manifests itself as a journey of inner ecstasy through the implementation of an altered state of consciousness. An experience that connects art and his creator, and which is oriented towards the pursuit of specific objectives. The artist’s dream experience is on this show, like the experience of the shamanic journey. In fact, if dreams were lived in a lucid and conscious way, as happens to the Shaman in his experience, they could be considered in all respects as experiences of Vision. When we fall asleep we begin an unconscious journey, consisting of a series of perceptive experiences, linked to the phases in which sleep is articulated, which lead us to realize a sequence of corresponding dream states.

An egg world, places the figure of artists as “shamans – alchemists”, people capable of revealing an “other” aspect of the world. The artist – in his secret laboratory full of colors and materials – is always ready to carry out his work just as the alchemists did with the “philosopher’s stone”, defining aspects and conceptual reflexes of the surrounding world. A meditative experience from which the individual can draw wellbeing and knowledge becoming a catalyst of the forces of nature, coming to work to improve the quality of his life, working on the ordinary world and being able to help others concretely. EGG and WORLD, has its archetype in the cosmic egg, or soul of the world: like the phoenix rising cyclically from the flaming egg of a medieval bestiary. The egg-world is not a prophecy but a state of consciousness, with which the artist can give life to the vision, to a creative energy, capable of modifying the world.

Examples in the art of the past are the works of “Pala di Brera” by Piero Della Francesca, where the egg floating on the head of the Virgin and symbolizes the generative nature of life and divine perfection. Among other paintings with a deep allegorical meaning there is the “Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple” by Titian and, also, the “Triptych of Delights” by Hyeronimus Bosch. Shamanic science has influenced and fascinated artists in every sector, from poets like Henry Miller to anthropologists such as Claude Levi Strauss up to contemporary artists including the shaman artist Joseph Beuys, a prophetic and emblematic figure; or Marina Abramovich who uses shamanic and cathartic elements in her numerous performances (see recent film “The space in between” which documents the trip to Brazil) among other.. but not only, at the Shaman’s Pavilion during the Venice Bienal in 2017 testifying the magical concept of art, the fragility of humanity and its uncertainties, but also the strength and freedom.