Art Project


Visionary Art Show  is the only one in the world Contemporary Art Exhibition & Show all together and  has the attributes of a Biennial and the set direction and script as a Visionary Film. One of a kind!

VISIONARY ART SHOW is an exclusive exhibition-event, taking place outside the usual contemporary art contexts, intended to encourage an authentic dialogue between artists, the audience and art professionals, which wishes to emphasize the quality of the artistic discourse in the contemporary sphere.

During the show the audience will be able to view, in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, the artworks of indivisual artists worldwide coming from the International art scene.

The project involves artists whose practices stand out in terms of high-level curatorship, effective scouting, and the creation of an independent market in spite of the moment’s trends.

VISIONARY ART SHOW creates the best possible showcase and art fair for artists and collectors worldwide by providing an amazing and visionary place to share and collect art.

The Expò will be accompanied by educational programs including special projects and performances which will take place inside the exhibition halls.  VISIONARY ART SHOW  is a project by Dores Sacquegna and Primo Piano Special Projects.