Exhibition Program


“An egg-world” is a visionary contemporary art project that bases its foundation on the dichotomy between “egg” as a symbol and archetype and “world” as existence and present time. Visionary is because in the vision of those who care and whose exhibit, both concepts are amplified by following common and differentiated approaches at the same time.

Just think of the symbolism of the “cosmic egg” and its recurring cosmogonic archetype in the most diverse myths of ancient civilizations and often identified as the SOUL OF THE WORLD, or like the phoenix rising cyclically from the flaming egg of a medieval bestiary. In alchemy, the egg is  associated with the philosopher’s stone, it was the archetype able to bring each element back to its original purity, healing the corruption of matter. The cosmic egg has also been represented in various figurative arts from ancient times to today. A famous example is the “Pala di Brera” by Piero della Francesca, where it can be seen hanging from a vaulted ceiling, floating on the Madonna’s head and symbolizing the generative nature of life and divine perfection. Among the other paintings with a deep allegorical meaning there is the “Presentation of Virgin Mary at the Temple” by Tiziano and also, the “Triptych of the Delights” by Hyeronimus Bosch.

Egg and world, are two words that have much in common words like identity, diversity, dialogue, democracy, creativity, language, memory, myth, progress, territory, network and so on within the framework of the linguistic recognition of the contemporary world.
The exhibited artists are asked to represent, through their own vision, the concept of human life, of communicative action. On the other hand, from the disenchantment of the world and the  instability of all the words – which before defined it – an unusual, disoriented landscape was born, in which a different freedom was announced, delivered to nomadism, to research, to the journey intended as representation of the just me and at the same time, the landing in the contemporary, in our social geography in which we recognize ourselves living.

The show is divided in two great macro-sections of which


Granafei – Nervegna Palace has a floor area of over 2000mq for exhibit in the following areas:


WUNDERKAMMER or wonder rooms are located throughout the open space and close to the showrooms. The space is very bigger and can host artists with smaller, medium and large scale works.



LIGHT ROOM is a very large room and it has a floor dating back to the early ‘900.  The room measures 110 square meters and can accommodate large scale works on the walls, video mapping or both floor light  installations . The name of this room is COSMIC EGG.


SHOWROOM – We have the availability of n. 6 medium and large rooms that can accommodate individual or collective artists.  Show Room available:  SOUL OF THE WORLD (42 square meters),  REBIRTH (30 square meters), MYTH (32 square meters), MEMORY (24 square meters), DIVERSITY (24 square meters), IDENTITY (48 square meters).



All the exhibit area and rooms are all clean and equipped with light and directional spotlights.

On additional we have the 3D PROJECT ROOM. It  is a multimedia catalog section with works that are not physically present in the exhibition, but images only. The catalog will be screened during exhibition everyday and available to visitors.



All the participating artists compete for the BEST VISIONARY ARTIST Award
info: primopianoexhibition01@gmail.com
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