Paolo Pacciolla

Paolo Pacciolla


Pianist, percussionist and ethnomusicologist from Lecce, Italy. Teaches ‘Ethnomusicology’ at the Corso di Musiche Extraeuropee of the Conservatorio di Musica of Vicenza, Italy. From 1995, soon after his degree in Pedagogy and diploma of Pianoforte, he spends long periods in India to study the classical Indian music and, in 1996, he receives a scholarship of the I.C.C.R. (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) to continue to study in New Delhi. He specializes in the pakhawaj, drum of the classical music of north India, in New Delhi, under the guide of Guru Ram Kishore Das.  He deepens the study of the daire and the tombak, drums of the classical music of the Persia, developing a personal language.

In 1999, with the Beppe Capozza Quartet, he recorded the CD “Round Circle” playing tombak, daire and pakhawaj. From 2003 to 2006, he taught ‘Indian and Persian Drumming’ within  the three-year Course of Folk Music at the Conservatorio di Musica Tito Schipa in Lecce. Member of the Italian Association for Sanskrit Studies at whose meetings presents lectures on Indian music and instruments, he is author of the monographs “Il pensare musicale indiano” (Besa, 2005) and, together with Luisa Spagna, of “La gioia e il potere. Musica e danza in India” (Besa, 2008).

He wrote also various articles and essays on music published on specialized magazines. With the dancer Luisa Spagna, as Sutra Arti Performative, presents original productions and classical repertoire of India in festival in Italy and abroad. In 2003  he founded, together with Luisa Spagna, the cultural association Sutra Arti Performative producing performances and researches on Indian art and culture. Since 2004, he collaborates with the University of Salento, chair of History of Indian Arts, for the organization of conferences and seminars on the arts of India.
Last Publications
.2013 – “Battere nuovi ritmi. Prospettive per il futuro del tamburello salentino”, Melissi – Le culture popolari, 22/23, Besa, Nardò.
. 2008 – “La gioia e il potere. Musica e danza in India”, Besa 2008, Nardò.
2009 – “India before Europe”, by C.Asher e B.Talbot (Cambridge University Press) for Besa Editrice.
CD Recordings
“Just Flux!”, FREE-DOT, Slam Productions, UK, 2013.
“Ariband”, FREE-DOT, Slam Productions, UK, 2010.
“Enchanting Circles”, Paolo Pacciolla, Alfa Music, Rome, 2011.
“Round Circle”, Beppe Camozza Quartet, Penta Flowers, Rome, 2000
Video documentary
Paolo Pacciolla Improvisation on Axis
AP Percussion Bodhran 50 cm
Castel del Monte – Ensemble Calixtinus 

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