Performing Arts


MARCEL.LI ANTUNEZ ROCA |Spain “Hipermembrana” and “Metamembrana” 2007-2009

For Visionary Art Show, 2017

With two video works on display METAMEMBRANA and HIPERMEMBRANA by MARCEL.LI ANTUNEZ ROCA, one of the most popular artists from Spain – very know for use of digital technologies in the field of Mechatronics, but also for performance and art installation. His artworks have had a wide international spread in more than 30 countries. Hipermembrana is a Mechatronics live performance and aims to explore the nature of myth, and in this regard, he combines different elements such as the landscape by Dante’s Divine Comedy, the myth of Minotaur and the shape of the eukaryotic cell. So, these elements are interconnected with a narrative technique that consist of graphic and literary layering and allowing unexpected twists and a wealth of creative expression.

The choise of the Minotaur as central figure of the performance makes interesting metaphors, such as the conflict between rationality and animal nature in human being. Hipermembrana is part of Membrane’s cycle that includes episodes as Protomembrana and METAMEMBRANA. This last installation aims to establish means whereby the viewer becomes part of the work. Interfaces allow users to navigate through a Hypertext made from eight micro-interactive stories. Some reinterpret local traditions, like the epic battle between whites and Blues in Granollers, and the triumph of death performed by traditional ball Colla de Diables / sfera de Diables da Reus. Other local stories and themes like the tree Paradise in Lleida, musicians in the Raval district of Barcelona or to invent stories like the fable of Porcoboc from Olot. The face of the visitor is immediately scanned and became the face of a character on the screen. The viewer thus ephemeral and grotesque identities