Ephemeral Tomorrow Group

2017 EDITION EPHEMERAL TOMORROW GROUP Riccardo Torresi|Italy, Maxime Lethelier |France,  Asako Fujimoto |Japan,  Andrea Cucionotta |Italy SATELLARIUM  Satellarium is an audiovisual installation generated by the movement of the satellites above the location of the exhibit. The visuals and the sound are based on the real time satellites position taken by an Internet database and processed […]

Detourbet & Gasiorowski

2017 EDITION SANDRA DETOURBET & NICOLAS GASIOROWSKI|France LES CHARLOWSKI & BB BLUE/TENDER AND WHITE A sound and performing journey in the music and contemporary art. Images, sounds and projections of artworks.  A tribute to Les Charlowski BB & Blue, author, composer and interpreter. A techno-painting by French artists Sandra Detourbet & Nicolas Gasiorowski on live […]

Giorgia Santoro

 2017 EDITION GIORGIA SANTORO|Italy DEJA VU’  Déjà vu project is a journey into a dimension where dream and reality, memory and imagination meet up with in-melt. The tools retrace the psycho-emotional language: during the improvisation, common thread throughout the project, from ancient songs resurface hypnotic charm that con-fused with contemporary sounds. It is as if […]