Anatomia di un calligrafo

2018 EDITION “ANATOMY OF A CALLIGRAPHER II ACT” is written and directed by poet and performer Massimiliano Manieri, from Lecce. The performance features five women from Lecce, including Maria Gabriella Marra (calligrapher and stage ceramics), Valentina Maritati, Daniela Ladisa, Barbara Caliandro and Anna Lucia Indennitate (models). The performative action pay a tribute to the film […]

Nothing is as it seems

2017 EDITION MASSIMILIANO MANIERI & MICHAELA STIFANI in Nothing is as it seems for exhibition “Frammenti senza Tempo”, Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna, Brindisi, Italy The perception of one’s body or world in which we live is mediated by the image that others have of it. It is in this mutual view that the relationship between the individual […]

The keyboard

2017 EDITION THE KEYBOARD by Massimiliano Manieri, Italy Palazzo Granafei – Nervegna, Brindisi, Italy “THE KEYBOARD” installation was born as a need for a mutant and technocratic representation of human solitude. The model body, embedded in the Pangea, represents both Golgotha and the trace of detachment from the physical memory of events. This work reflects […]

La promessa

2017 EDITION MASSIMILIANO MANIERI & MICHAELA STIFANI|Italy ” LA PROMESSA| THE PROMISE”- Palazzo Castromediano-Vernazza, Lecce Massimiliano Manieri|Italy Massimiliano Manieri was born in 1968 in Lecce. He  is a writer and performer. He deals with writing, video art, installation, live performance. He start his career around 1990′s abou the nomadic teller activities through collaborations with itinerant […]


Massimiliano Manieri Plink, Primo Piano LivinGallery, 2009