Astolfo Funes

Astolfo Funes, Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce

Hermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch Exhibition  2006, Primo Piano LivinGallery

Studio Smack

2017 EDITION STUDIO SMACK|The Netherlands ” Paradise”, 2016 STUDIO SMACK (Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels e Béla Zsigmond), best known for their music video Witch Doctor by De Staat, have released a new animation: a contemporary interpretation of one of the most famous paintings by the Early Dutch master Hieronymus Bosch: “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. […]

Silvia De Gennaro

2017 EDITION SILVIA DE GENNARO |Italy  “This is not a horror movie”, 2014 THIS IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE is a video animation by the Roman artist SILVIA DE GENNARO, winner of many festivals worldwide.  The video is a view of the horrors of our times, where evil seems to have undermined the good off […] Antunez Roca

2017 EDITION MARCEL.LI ANTUNEZ ROCA |Spain “Hipermembrana” and “Metamembrana” 2007-2009 With two video works on display METAMEMBRANA and HIPERMEMBRANA by MARCEL.LI ANTUNEZ ROCA, one of the most popular artists from Spain – very know for use of digital technologies in the field of Mechatronics, but also for performance and art installation. His artworks have had […]

Aes+F Group

2017 edition AES+F GROUP|Russia  “Inverso Mundus”, 2015 In the multi-channel video installation INVERSE MUNDUS by Russian artists AES + F GROUP (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Sviatsky and Vladimir Fridkes), the work is inspired by a subject of popular Renaissance engravings and prints “World Upside Down”, known since the 16th century. These engravings contain demons, […]