MASTERPIECES is an event multidisciplinary focuses on the relationship of contemporary art and the masterpieces of the past. A report that establishes a continuity between past and present, ancient and modern,myth and contemporary time, in the name of a just and inevitable evolution of art, they witness the artists in the exhibition. Old and new, […]

Sound Isle

2017 LIVE PERFORMANCES GIORGIA SANTORO|Italy DEJA VU’  Déjà vu project is a journey into a dimension where dream and reality, memory and imagination meet up with in-melt. The tools retrace the psycho-emotional language: during the improvisation, common thread throughout the project, from ancient songs resurface hypnotic charm that con-fused with contemporary sounds. It is as […]

Anatomia di un calligrafo

2018 EDITION “ANATOMY OF A CALLIGRAPHER II ACT” is written and directed by poet and performer Massimiliano Manieri, from Lecce. The performance features five women from Lecce, including Maria Gabriella Marra (calligrapher and stage ceramics), Valentina Maritati, Daniela Ladisa, Barbara Caliandro and Anna Lucia Indennitate (models). The performative action pay a tribute to the film […]

La promessa

2017 EDITION MASSIMILIANO MANIERI & MICHAELA STIFANI|Italy ” LA PROMESSA| THE PROMISE”- Palazzo Castromediano-Vernazza, Lecce Massimiliano Manieri|Italy Massimiliano Manieri was born in 1968 in Lecce. He  is a writer and performer. He deals with writing, video art, installation, live performance. He start his career around 1990′s abou the nomadic teller activities through collaborations with itinerant […]