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Il mercante di sogni show

Il Mercante di sogni show

Il Mercante di Sogni Show 

is a TOTAL ART book-event that combines contemporary art, cinema, poetry and fiction and opens a window on the collective imagination, on the paradoxes of everyday life. Artists-Dreamers, cameos, mutants and superstars, engaged with the casting list mode, where each protagonist has a specific role, which becomes a dialogue between the parties, in a format that transcends representation and enters life. A living story of unusual and visionary art, in which it is difficult to delineate the boundary between those who ask and those who offer.

A tableau vivant, inspired by Shakespeare, which reveals the personality of the poet-director, tightrope walker and nostalgic, who dreams of his protagonists making them become stars for a night. In the chameleon-like direction, signed by Dores Sacquegna, the scenic representation becomes writing, body and moving image of the present time, thus creating a chain of correspondences between dreamers and the public, between the pen and its reader.

Protagonists among others of this Kolossal: Matthew Barney, Erwin Olaf, Eugenio Recuenco, Ugo Nespolo, Edoardo Winspeare, Sarah Ciracì, Matteo Solo. Closed format: A5 (15 x 21 cm – vertical) / Open format (30 x 21 cm). Pages included cover: 116 | Illustrations / Images: 40 pages. Language: Italian | Year: 2011. Edition: Pulp Fiction & Primo Piano Edizioni. Purchase info qui