Giorgia Santoro

 2017 EDITION GIORGIA SANTORO|Italy DEJA VU’  Déjà vu project is a journey into a dimension where dream and reality, memory and imagination meet up with in-melt. The tools retrace the psycho-emotional language: during the improvisation, common thread throughout the project, from ancient songs resurface hypnotic charm that con-fused with contemporary sounds. It is as if […] Antunez Roca

2017 EDITION MARCEL.LI ANTUNEZ ROCA |Spain “Hipermembrana” and “Metamembrana” 2007-2009 With two video works on display METAMEMBRANA and HIPERMEMBRANA by MARCEL.LI ANTUNEZ ROCA, one of the most popular artists from Spain – very know for use of digital technologies in the field of Mechatronics, but also for performance and art installation. His artworks have had […]

Aes+F Group

2017 edition AES+F GROUP|Russia  “Inverso Mundus”, 2015 In the multi-channel video installation INVERSE MUNDUS by Russian artists AES + F GROUP (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Sviatsky and Vladimir Fridkes), the work is inspired by a subject of popular Renaissance engravings and prints “World Upside Down”, known since the 16th century. These engravings contain demons, […]

La promessa

2017 EDITION MASSIMILIANO MANIERI & MICHAELA STIFANI|Italy ” LA PROMESSA| THE PROMISE”- Palazzo Castromediano-Vernazza, Lecce Massimiliano Manieri|Italy Massimiliano Manieri was born in 1968 in Lecce. He  is a writer and performer. He deals with writing, video art, installation, live performance. He start his career around 1990′s abou the nomadic teller activities through collaborations with itinerant […]

Grimanesa Amoros

2017 EDITION Grimanesa Amoros, Usa Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture in Palazzo Castromediano Vernazza, Lecce, Italy Info:  

Sauro Cavallini

2017 EDITION Tribute to Sauro Cavallini & talk show with Teo Cavallini of Cavallini’s Foundation from Florence, Italy Talk &Award in Palazzo Castromediano Vernazza in Lecce info:


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