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The VISIONARY ART SHOW main aims to be an important art show for South Italy and provide a fun and exciting platform for people to gain access to, increase their knowledge of, fall in love with, and buy art – and our offering continues to attract and appeal to both existing art buyers and new collectors. Founded by a curator and collector, the event brings with it the characteristics of a curatorial art project and the quality of works due the eye of  contemporary art collector. No ticket is required to visit exhibitions. One of a kind!

For VIP and collectors we offer different services, so your experience of Event & Lecce old town will be complete:

– All information of the exhibitors and their works at the Visionary Art SHOW 2017

– Direct access to all works available at the Expo’ with VIP CARD (with preview events to visit it by appointment hours and even out exposure hours).
– Direct access to all special events  during exposure hours.

See plus services including for Visitors.

We accept to accommodate VIP & Collectors worldwide. The visit will have a duration of 1 to 3 hours at most. The timetable should be agreed with the organization. Upon demand you can have a hostess native speakers. Write us at
* Free Visit at your time and by apointment.

The guided tour including free tour with VIP CARD and GUIDED TOURS at the  following sites:

VISIONARY ART SHOW TOUR – All exhibitit areas of Wunderkammer sections (Exhibitors rooms & works). *

PURGATORIUM & ISIDE’S TEMPLE TOUR – Palazzo Castromediano Vernazza, is one of the oldest and amazing architectural building in Lecce. The archaeologists during excavations in 2004, in the basement of Palace, have brought to light decorates symbols, ancient oil mill tanks and a staircase that leads underground area where is the ISIDE’S TEMPLE. A shrine dedicated to the goddess Iside (Isis) as Egyptian origins, whose cult was also revered in Italy. Another interesting finding is the PURGATORIUM, pay baptistry reserved for followers of the goddess to perform religious ablutions, and purify their bodies before entering the temple. The sacred area was surrounded by a portico of which parts of the columns were found, capitals, marble fragments, sculpted masks, ceramics from Libya and Tunisia, and other continents. *

WALKING TOURSLecce’ s architectural wonders…

upon construction.
With VIP CARD you will get reduced rates without commissions and agency fees, zero misunderstandings, more quality and care!