The organizer

The dream is yours. Make it up to you


Being dreamers means knowing how to go beyond all reality.  Wait without anxiety, to smile for no reason, read Emily Dickinson’s book under a tree, with eyes follow the flight of a fly, change the real world and that of others, to love the colors, get excited when it rains, get lost in search of the White Rabbit, build castles in air and in water, and ask “why not?” Dreamers do not contemplate the mirror. They crossing it.

We are dreamers, artists, curators, writers, collectors. We believe that art has to discuss, must involve and stimulate people,  art must should be direct, elusive, and open to change of minds.  We grew up with art and art makes us grow more and more. We have learned to fly in the visionary world and we have known things that no one would ever see. Our projects seek the invisible in the visible and there intrigue the mind and we love it that way.

We love libraries and all that can keep a story or knowledge. The books awaken the five senses and we like to hear, read and write stories. Those who know us defines us “Awake Dreamers“.

Our world is a place where we tell stories that run through alternative roads, sometimes tortuous or never stops. Stories that have yet to happen. The Awake Dreamers are those who manage to build a concrete art project from a dream and who put work, stubbornness and design expertise at the service of  own imagination. In this event we will try to explore what are the values, ideals, the thought mechanisms that push other dreamers to break the mold and follow their aspirations and talents.

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