Art Project


Through the visual grammar  of  the WUNDERKAMMER –  where objects and images were combined according to elective and magic affinities or wonder and curiosity – the Curator appointed each room of the Palace (ritual site of goddes in the basements) with the concepts related to the goddess ISIDE. See history here.

The exhibitors can also choose to produce their works following the concept concerning the selection room. This theme will make it even more fascinating exhibition. Through this “Living Story” launched by Primo Piano LivinGallery, the event will bring the visitor back in time, in a single stage that  combines the myth of the Goddess and the contemporary art with the twenty-first century artists and outstanding works inspired to the theme.

All the exhibition is called WUNDERKAMMER AREA and it is divided into the following sections: Open Space (dedicated to individual artists who participate with a maximum of two works). Solo & Double Exhibition (dedicated to projects and collections of individual artists, galleries and collectors). Screening Area (featuring a dynamic curated screening program for film, video, and new media works). Showroom (large scale installations, interactive & multimedia works, Visual video mapping, light graffiti, Public Art). It concludes the event in 3D Virtual Gallery section, presenting works on the wall by artists of all 3 sections, in the project room 24/24h no stop. The exhibit area is located different areas/rooms/surface between ground and first floor, indoor and outdoor.