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The Earth talks


The Earth talks: our archetypes


Thanksgiving Ceremony to Mother Earth with the project “The Earth talks: our archetypes “, with a group and ritual performance on the “5 elements”, represented, in order of appearance by Polyxene Kasda for the WATER element, through a rite of ablution, by Rose Sacquegna for the FIRE element, a symbol of transformation and purification , by Maria Amanda Stefanelli for the EARTH element, with the construction of a sacred circle “The earth listens”, followed by the prayer-oration of gratitude for life, for art and the cosmos, by the performer Paola Crisostomo for the element of AIR, and finally the ETHER, the fifth element of the cycle that begins and ends the event under the supervision and direction by Dores Sacquegna. The performance is accompanied by the sound incursions by the flutist Roberto Gagliardi and by the percussionist Francesco Perrone, from the banquet of libations / offerings and involves all the artists and the invited audience.