WAP II The breath of a free man


Performers: Massimiliano Manieri and Mafalda Greco in “WAP II  The breath of a free man”

for the exhibition

Worldview: The anthropology of eco-vision

Palmieri Foundation, Lecce

In his second act of the live performance, Massimiliano Manieri – with Mafalda Greco –  represents the manifestation of the suffering of the human being due to the tragic events and above all the issue of plastic pollution. Reaffirming the concept that the human being is a guest of planet earth and not its owner, Manieri, highlights the suffering of man as well as the suffering “Michelangelo’s Prisons”, for reasons of cause and effect. It helps to load the drama of the act, some of the elements he wears, making the viewer feel part of the event.

Pictures coming soon