WAP (World After Plastics)

WAP (World After Plastics)


WAP II (World After Plastics), 2021 Fondazione Palmieri, Lecce


Contemporary mythography is to bring to light and interpret the darker side of our unconscious. In that shady place, in which ghosts, nightmares and existential discomforts live, Italian director, poet and performer Massimiliano Manieri, finds fertile ground to move consciences, through actions that create devices of insecurity, fear, loss of one’s control in the spectators or participants. This action is the son of a social system that navigates in unbridled consumerism and forgets the values ​​of respect for nature and the planet.

With the performance “WAP, World After Plastic”, exhibited for the first time in Naples in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, now arrives in Lecce, with his restless load, to tackle the problem of plastic pollution together with all of us. In partnership with Piermatteo Vantaggiato, the artist Manieri, eviscerates impulses and fears about the possible catastrophe in progress due to global warming and the polluting problem. The scenario that the new protagonists of the action will face is to perceive what it means to feel engulfed and suffocated by plastic. A threshold that is not that of accessing imaginative worlds, but of entering a pressing circuit that makes them “aseptic and executioners” protagonists of their present.

The exhibition

Following the practice of travel ethnography, INTRA MUNDI arrives in Lecce, with its load of visionary navigators to give life to a contemporary Odyssey. The event unfolds between loyalty to one’s roots and the risk of losing them and finds its mainland in a fluid territory susceptible to continuous historical, social and environmental hybridizations. Intra Mundi pays attention to Nature, a place of healing, teaching and the root of our lives. Intra Mundi is a dreamlike dimension and space of eternal flow, and among the waves, we will find the traces and memories of aimless travelers, because after all, the landscape itself is the destination.

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