Anatomia di un calligrafo


“ANATOMY OF A CALLIGRAPHER II ACT” is written and directed by poet and performer Massimiliano Manieri, from Lecce. The performance features five women from Lecce, including Maria Gabriella Marra (calligrapher and stage ceramics), Valentina Maritati, Daniela Ladisa, Barbara Caliandro and Anna Lucia Indennitate (models). The performative action pay a tribute to the film “Pillow Book” by Peter Greenway, in turn it inspired by the text “The notes of the pillow” by the Japanese poet Sei Shonagon lived in the year 1000 D.C.

The live performance it was made for “Correspondances” Exhibition in Ex Conservatory of St. Anne, Lecce, Italy

Pictures courtesy by Pablo Peron, Giuliano Spennato, Giacomo Rosato


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