Salvatore Sava

The room “Metamorphosis” hosted Apulian artist SALVATORE SAVA, with an installation entitled “Whiteflies”. The title is attributed to the name of some species of insects – greenhouse whitefly – originating in the tropics and known throughout the world for the damage caused to crops outdoors especially in Southern Italy. Biological control offers interesting alternative resources, but not always they are effective.

Salvatore Sava was born in 1966 in Surbo-Lecce where he lives and works. He graduated from the High Art School of Lecce, The Institute of Art of Rome and then in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce, where he taught since 1990 (Printmaking, Anatomy and currently Sculpture). Since 1983 he regularly exhibits his works in prestigious collective and solo exhibitions and is present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

The artist -who has a longstanding artistic and environmental search path – returns to the theme of landscape conservation and environmental identity violated. In this installation, the artist composes a minimalist array, with a Lecce’s stone platform and over it the green domes in representation of the morphology of the land with multitude of deleterious whiteflies for native vegetation.
The motive behind Salvatore Sava’s aesthetic investigations is the beauty of nature at a time that denies it. The attention to the landscape, which translates into a sort of primitive animism, leads him to assign symbolic images to the scene of nature.

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