Rasha Amin

The “Womb” room hosted works by the Egyptian artist and designer RASHA AMIN.

Born in Cairo in 1983, Rasha Amin is a visual artist with a BFA in interior design from Helwan University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. She has worked as a visual artist and a graphic designer, and practices painting, portraiture, figure drawing, graphic design, photography, and puppetry. To her the greatest honour or ultimate achievement as an artist would be to create art that inspires emotion or thought in its audience.

She has held several solo exhibitions in Egypt, including shows at Art House and Zoor Khana in Cairo, and has participated in over 35 group exhibitions in Cairo, Turkey, London, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab and Rome, including shows at the Cairo Opera House, Mesaha Art Gallery, and Ibdaa Art Gallery in Cairo, the Espacio Gallery in London and the 2013 International Painting Symposium at Isparta, Turkey.

Amin daringly experiments with artistic conceptual approaches and techniques to develop new and creative ways to making art. She draws inspiration from dramatic scenes in films, novels and everyday events and scenes in an attempt to subjectively reproduce them. Her body of work is hugely influence by current political, social and gender issues; she saw the boundaries between her art practice and daily life blur and grow closer together.

Egyptian women, scenes of Cairo, stationery stand out like fragments on jute, each other, and with an assemblage of different materials that make up the pattern. Like her ancestors who decorated the chapels of their tombs with vivid scenes of daily activity, the artist represents these tableau as personal effects to use to exorcise the time passing. A sort of return to the origins, to the womb of creation, in a continuous dialogue between ancient and present, between the past and the contemporary world.

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