Maurizio Giarnetti

MAURIZIO GIARNETTI, young Italian artist is the protagonist of the room “Sky”.

Maurizio Giarnetti was born in Turin, Italy. Since he was a child he have been attracted by the different forms of visual arts, so he started to get interested in comics and graphics.
The great names of the illustration and painting have given him a push and an unbelievable passion to learn, to deepen techniques and travel, in metaphorical and real ways; the trip leads us into clearly realizing what links and binds human beings to each other as a sort of collective conscience. He taken part in several exhibition in Italy and abroad.

His paintings on display, is a retelling of recent history of pop flavor. In all his works is contained the very origin of man, a source which, placing itself outside of history, offers to humanity a guarantee of permanence that rescues from the darkness of this but that arises with respect to history, as a future reference.

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