Kostya August

The room “Earth” hosted the young Russian artist KOSTYA AUGUST.

Born in august 1986 in Moscow, Kostya August currently lives and works between Asian Region and Russia. Kostya August is a contemporary artist who works in his own unique style which differentiates him from others. His love to art started from street art, when Kostya became fascinated with the role of graffiti in modern culture and really saw a gallery outside. In 1998 he drew his first paintings on the street walls in Moscow. Later the artist assumed the nickname “August” that means a month of his birth. He also creates his visual logo to use as a signature that symbolizes his favorite season – autumn, he chose “a yellow maple leaf”.

Kostya’s development as a full-time working artist began in 2013 when he moved to Asia where he discovered that his true passion was painting and installations. After dabbling in street art, Kostya August began showing his works in galleries. These showings allowed him to experiment with more detailed, permanent pieces. One of the artist’s most important innovations was “Postpattern” that he creates using the shape of maple leaves. He uses leaves inside compositions of his artworks, playing with them in different ways. Kostya designs his paintings from leaves, creates from them abstract forms, real images. He blends, combines, cuts, sculpts leaves. And it’s one of the main features of his artworks.He taken part in several ehibition on Russia and abroad.

Un pensiero su “Kostya August


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