Eva Koethen

With the title “Translocation of baroque motives” the photographic installation on the floor of the room “Kairos” by EVA KOETHEN, German interdisciplinary artist.

Eva Koethen born and educated in Heidelberg (Germany) University studies at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Academy of Fine Arts) in Munich and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (University of the Arts; class: Fred Thieler) in Berlin; subsequently university studies in art history, philosophy and psychology at the University of Bochum (PhD; thesis on problems central to the reception of art; supervisor: Max Imdahl); then again active as an artist. Residencies in Japan, France and Italy; production of Material Pictures; performances in Ireland; study of the aesthetics of the microchip.Since 1984 numerous invited lectures on art and performances, e.g. at the Museum of Modern Art in Bochum, the Academy of the Arts in Berlin, the Art Space Castle Buchberg in Austria and the Universities of Gießen and Graz. Since 1985 various solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad, e.g. in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, New York and Yokohama.Since 1992 active as an independent artist; start of the production of Spatial Pictures.Since 1996 Professor for Fine Art at University of Hanover.

Eva Koethen is known for her painting-installations with objects and her photographs on the floor. This art project in Lecce is a site-specific work, and she plays on two tracks: the reinterpretation of myth of Baroque, with baroque elements such as sculptures, ceilings, chandeliers, statues photographed from different perspectives typical of the XVII and XVIII centuries, with a mosaic of twelve prints placed on the floor. Across the installation plays on the room titled Kairos, which implies a vision of time independent and is no longer dependent on divine will as they did in the days of ancient Greece.

The Kairos, in this installation is measured in the effectiveness of human action and the quality of time. The artist wishes to interpret an tumultuous, chaotic and present time, through the past history, returning so to the individual, isolated and fragmented by history, a sense of belonging and fellowship. Myth and history are therefore as natural as possible prospects for existential spaces, passages of an experience that brings the past to the present, which confuses them and makes them cross in this grid of Simulacra and truth.
To learn more http://station-station.com/newyork/eva-koethen-new-spaces-of-perception/

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