Andrea Vargas

The “Skyline” room hosted the lighting installation by Chilean artist ANDREA VARGAS.

Andrea Vargas is a Swedish/Chilean visual artist, who lives and works in London. Her practice incorporates installations, painting, experimental films and alternative photography to investigate atmospheric exploration of material identity and place. Based in London but informed by expeditions to the coast, her research makes comparisons between geological and personal timeframes through themes of space, time and light. She completed a Masters in Fine Art in 2016 and has since exhibited at the prestigious MA Show at Atkinson gallery, had a solo show at Brunåkra Residency, Sweden and will later this year be exhibiting in Italy at the International Visionary Art Show 2017.

All her works and specifically this on display is concerned with the transiency of time and nature and how this effects our perception and expectations of our surroundings. Her light installations are inspired by nautical organic matter and are constantly moving through their suspension. The rhythms of life are an important theme in Andrea’s work, they question the balance between the earthy pulse of nature and the inevitable end.

This creates tension between anticipated loss and subsequent renewal, as well as presenting a duality of processes that can both create and destroy, protect and corrode. Thus the viewer must acknowledge their own connection to time and nature. Metaphorically Andrea’s work explores the concept of permanency and transition, of being in one place one moment and not the next. The question of belonging somewhere and having roots and if this is even possible creates an interesting dialogue.

Like the themes she explores, Andrea’s work is continuously developing and searching for different mediums to express itself. Using both traditional and modern techniques, and technologies, her work links itself to the concepts of old and new. The presence of apparent opposites that are not only connected but integral to each other’s existence prompts the viewer into understanding the deeper meaning of light and dark, that of life and death and the mortality of everything.
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