NTARTEI (metafora dell’attesa)


Performance by Fernando Schiavano

for the show La storia siamo noi

Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce

The performance takes place within the exhibition space where the artist, together with his Tunisian mentor, holds his guests as if they were in his studio.
The artist offers to the bystanders the “Silent Maps” special cards of her tarot.
The other unravels a wool or cotton blanket to make a large ball of it.

1 Notes on blank maps
“Mute Maps” is a portfolio of 90 photos collected from the drawers of my family with the addition of thoughts, jokes and clichés. From these photos the images of the bodies have been subtracted, in whole or in part. The context has been preserved.
They have remained like geographical maps that lack the names of cities, rivers, mountains: a loss of identity puts you in the position to buy a new one or to estrange yourself, to lose yourself. An imaginary map has been created whose coordinates are the identities of their / our inhumanity. “