Performing Arts



performance by Massimiliano Manieri & Michaela Stifani

for the show ARAKNE ( ART WOMAN)

Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce

The installation is developed within a useful space of about four square meters. This provides as the center of gravity a female figure dressed in white, whose dress not only covers the flesh of the young woman, but continues along the limbs branching inside the room, becoming a sort of unreal shell that only in the center finds and contains the body, and its shape. Even the sight of the face is prevented from us, being the same hooded. The girl is sitting quite collected on a white block, she is firm, but tied at the ankles by elastic bands to electrically operated self-propelled frames. When these are activated, springing forward forcefully dilate the limbs of the woman, several times, she reacts, but each time the arrogance repeating itself, puts the same in a repeated action that damages the mind more than the body. The self-propelled machines themselves are operated by a motionless man placed in front of the woman, who impassively restarts the command. At the height of the girl’s pubis, in the center of that whiteness, there is a combination of red / green colors which as a whole recalls the Italian banner, which will only be noticed in the act of overbearing dilation of the limbs. Being the woman herself, in addition to her physicality, a symbolic reminder, as well as a warning, not to let this country become a mass of oppression and bullying, where only arrogance rules, and indifference is the only useful currency in commonalities of a homeland that can boast in our fathers / brothers, who fought for it, much higher values. While the installation follows her course, contrasting daily images are projected behind the woman, recalling the mental flatness that we all risk today …