Performing Arts



Performance by Federico Cozzucoli

for the show Il Mercante di sogni show ( I time)

Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce

Cozzucoli’s performance reveals the attempt to re-propose and overcome a series of compositional schemes typical of religion, such as the biblical origin of multilingualism and the birth of the church, focusing in particular on the sin of Simony, which the artist uses to denounce a similar condition found today in the world of art. The artist, in fact, institutionalizes himself and his works when he begins to sell them: the analogy with Simony is immediate, the buying and selling of religion which, in this case, becomes a further compositional scheme of the performance. The term Simonia, in the religious field, refers to the sin of the buying and selling of faith committed by those who think they believe and operate in the name of God. It is no coincidence that Simonia derives from the biblical episode in which Simon, first magician then baptized and disciple of Christ, seeing that the apostles conferred the Holy Spirit on everyone with the laying on of hands, he believed he could acquire the same power by offering them money. In this context, according to Federico Cozzucoli´s interpretation, the concept of Simonia is closely analogous to the purchase and sale of a figure that is equally “sacred” here who, on the occasion of this performance, is about to be celebrated: that of the artist.

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