Performing Arts



Performance by Massimiliano Manieri

for the show Il Mercante di sogni show ( I time)

Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce


The place that secretly saw us unborn
The place that will see our premature end
In between, the imperishable and fragile journey
In the middle the sum of the fears glimpsed
While we used to sit listening to the masters
The truths would have come in the hour of unfortunate air
So the ornamental teachings remained with us
And the truths mixed with this unjust life
How much is missing on this side to be part of me on the other side
How much of me sawing to dissolve the soft granite
I wanted to take myself beyond the prostrate obstacle
And only when I step over without a father
The robbery in my foolish hands was real matter
And my material itself, finally collected here, useless …

pictures coming soon