Sick Heart


Performance by Marilena Vita


Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce

One day she took its heart and observed it.  She meticulously inspected it, and she ask a question it: Which is your true substance?

Do you represent the principal organ of the circulatory apparatus only or some how are connected to our emotions to the fallings in love to the passions and the hate? The matter, complicated  didn’t seem entirely it not solved. I throw it out of a box because it began to hurt it. It looked it once more as an organ to itself.  She took distance of it.

And she assembled. I have a heart. She began with the hands to map the different areas of the tangled piece of meat to understand with more precision the various passages where blood flows.   But the heart kept on hurting it.  What was it that discomfort that warned?

How did that piece of meat succeed in confusing it? It was not quite happy to feel that the heart beat so strong so much to make it be badly.  Then she think to stop it and with an arrow pierce it on one side to the other.

Pictures coming soon